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The man 5 years ago
The trashy looking chick with the yellow blouse really needs a man, if she's going to suck greasy strippers cocks all night. Total loser.
Guy magnus 5 years ago
Gal in yellow halter must be pretty lonely to suck this putz stripper's dick so passionately. Stupid idiot.
Jack 5 years ago
In my previous comment below, I'm referring to the hot chick in the red dress that's wearing a purple thong. She's hot. The other woman in the red dress, sucking cock, is a fat, chubby Slob.
2 years ago
Name red dress girl?
Sexy body wuao
Frh 5 years ago
What guy would want any one of these loser bitches as a girlfriend or wife?
Nah.... 2 years ago
Chick @ 4:25 the hottest chick in this video
Hal 5 years ago
The only hot babe in this whole video is the gorgeous babe in the red dress and purple thing dancing.
Wow 1 year ago
Omg he's hung
Rasel 2 years ago
I need fuck ass
Hot Becca 2 years ago
I remembered that 1 time this guy comes gets dick close the peer pressure was bad freinds expected a show all I did was suck a little head , as time when by drunken me took on biggest dick and got on all 4 s for a fucking !