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okk 3 years ago
I think i've seen a horror film featuring this thing
3 years ago
Shes between 18 and 60
Is this a horror movie ? 3 years ago
God, she ugly
Issa dude 3 years ago
Who tf this nigga think he foolin
Why 3 years ago
Why do I get so horny about her. I want to fuck her!
X-Men 3 years ago
I preferred him as Magneto in the X-Men. That is Michael Fassbender right?
Hugh G. Rection 3 years ago
her face is perfect. eyes match perfect with her freckles, lipstick and teeth drive me crazy. she is absolutely gorgeous. 9:20 I couldn't help but look at her blurry ass in the background as she talked to the camera. Fucking beautiful.
Lol 3 years ago
I just wanted to see the comments! Ha!
Raca diskoteka 3 years ago
Im scared
Why me 2 years ago
Holly shit Batman, the Joker had a sex change.