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2 years ago
My dad makes me squirt so hard I squirt at lest a pint of pussy juice all over his dick every time we fuck I love when he cums balls deep in my tight pussy
2 years ago
literally why do Americans always fuck their own Families it not ok at all seriously
Jordan S.A 3 weeks ago
If I had any family member that looked like her I'd fuck to.
Jim 9 months ago
Sure like to put a long fat dick in your pretty little pussy!
1 year ago
I think Jay is very much surplus to requirements in that relationship, she always needs a vibrator to cum as he can’t do it for her.
Name goes here 1 year ago
very disappointing. She barely squirts at all. I have been with several women who could squirt several gallons at once and do so multiple times during oral or vaginal sex over a 30 minutes and soak the bed entirely with several inches of standing fluids on the sheets. Lame video. learn to squirt bitch